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International Subreddits

Reddit is a truly international community, having millions of users across the globe. And so it’s not odd that users want to discuss and submit interesting links for their communities – either local or nationwide. Check most interesting national and international subreddits and see if you can find your country there too!

Europe – This is default subreddit, which you are subscribed to, if you have opened Reddit account in your Europe. It is very interesting and kind of comfy, with a lots of interesting facts, news and curiosities from all of Europe. Discussions are very interesting there, with people from different countries presenting their views in a seldom unique and illuminating way. Community is also great – just be aware that there are some Russian propaganda trolls, trying to enforce their “views”  – but they are culled regularly by moderators.

europe reddit

National European Subreddits – are you interested in reading news from Germany, Spain, or whatever other European country or territory is out there,  like Faroe Isles? Just go there and find your subreddit. It’s also useful if you plan to travel and want to ask locals something specific on Reddit. Those subreddits are maintained in national languages, but you can easily ask questions in English – you will get a lot of answers. There are also local subreddits, devoted to city or region. If you are living in Europe, check it – your home town subreddit might be there. You should also check Aliexpress flags, while you’re there to see how many country flags you can get.

China – It is most populous country in the world, and second economy after US – though it would be first by 2020. It’s also home country of Aliexpress, Shaolin monks and chopsticks. Check this subreddit for stories and discussions on living in China, politics and economy of The Middle Kingdom.

USA News – similar to /r/Europe, but devoted to collecting news from United States. Be sure to check also List of USA subreddits, which would redirect you to local State, town or university subreddit.

‘MURRICA! – A truly patriotic sub from the Land of The Free. No Redcoats and Commies! (Just check it yourself for a laugh)

international subreddit

World News – Most interesting daily news around the world, collected on one subreddit.

News – Similar to /r/World News, but with more coverage from United States. It has 10 million subscribers, so you would find plenty of interesting discussion here.

Uplifting News – If you don’t want to read about wars, crime and politics, check this uplifting subreddit. You will find there inspirational and interesting news on nice things in general. Try it and see for yourself that world is a great place!

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