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8 Best AI Subreddits You Have to Follow

Reddit stands as a treasure trove for those fascinated by the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence (AI). Within its vast network, specific communities have emerged as beacons of knowledge, offering daily discussions, news updates, and a myriad of content that caters to both the AI novice and the seasoned expert. After a meticulous examination of various subreddits, we’ve distilled a list of the top seven AI-focused forums. These selections are primed to keep you informed and engaged in the dynamic field of AI.

Best AI Subreddits to Follow


This community orbits around OpenAI’s language model, ChatGPT. It’s a vibrant hub for those looking to dive deep into the functionalities of ChatGPT, offering a space to query, share insights, and explore creative projects crafted with the tool. Discussions span from utilization tips to the latest updates, making it an essential resource for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Incorporating the rising interest in generative AI models, another subreddit worthy of attention is r/StableDiffusion. This community centers around the exploration and application of the Stable Diffusion model, a state-of-the-art machine learning tool designed for generating high-quality images based on textual descriptions. The subreddit serves as a gathering place for enthusiasts, artists, and developers who are experimenting with or using Stable Diffusion in their projects. If you’re interested in generating images via Stable Diffusion, definitely check Mobinetai.com website, with its collection of guides and tips on making artwork with artificial intelligence.


Although not officially affiliated with OpenAI, this subreddit has blossomed into a crucial gathering place for individuals keen on the organization’s advancements. It fosters updates, discussions, and ethical debates surrounding OpenAI’s projects, serving as a comprehensive source for anyone eager to stay abreast of the cutting edge in AI.


Dedicated to the broader spectrum of AI, r/Artificial invites an array of discussions on topics including machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics. Its inclusive approach makes it a go-to platform for intelligent discourse on any aspect of AI, complemented by a helpful wiki for beginners.


This trending community offers a mix of news and discussions on AI-powered products and trends. Despite its lighter moderation, it remains a popular choice for those seeking updates on AI innovations, albeit with a discerning eye for the occasional advertisement or product announcement.


Focusing on the professional applications of ChatGPT, this subreddit caters to those interested in exploring AI’s potential within the workplace. It’s a forum for sharing advanced uses, professional projects, and visions for AI’s role in future industries.


For those fascinated by the concept of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), r/AGI provides a space to delve into discussions about AI that could perform any intellectual task akin to a human. It’s a community for sharing insights, developments, and speculations on the ambitious goal of achieving AGI.


A hub for those dedicated to mastering the art of crafting prompts for AI models, this subreddit is all about optimization and innovation. It appeals to a broad audience, from those looking to enhance business operations to developers aiming to create novel applications using AI.

Selection Criteria

Our curated list was based on several critical factors, excluding the member count to ensure a focus on quality and engagement. These include the level of engagement, as seen in upvotes and comments, relevance of content focusing on AI news and advice, and the presence of active moderators to maintain a constructive environment. These criteria helped us identify subreddits that not only foster learning and discussion but also stay current with the latest in AI. And if you’re not sure which is the best AI image generator, see the handy guide on Mobinet site.

By participating in these communities, individuals can tap into a rich vein of knowledge and camaraderie, keeping pace with the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence. Whether you’re seeking practical advice, updates on AI technology, or a platform for professional development, these subreddits offer valuable resources to enhance your understanding and involvement in the field of AI.

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