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Hobby subreddits

Hobby Subreddits

It’s important to have some hobby in life, and when you have a hobby and a Reddit, then you can be truly happy, pursuing your hobby with fellow Redditors. But what if you don’t have any ideas and want to start some new activities? These subreddits can give you some concept, and maybe even change your life through your newly chosen hobby! And if you are seasoned hobbyst, it might give you some new ideas and will serve as a great platform full of new ideas and solutions. From fashion to DIY projects, TV series to cooking, Reddit has answers and enthusiast for every hobby.

Writing Prompts – One of the best source of inspiration for aspiring writers. There are daily threads with interesting ideas, which Redditors transform into captivating stories. Best place to start writing like a professional, and maybe launch yourself as a published writer?

Makeup Addiction – this is subreddit for girls, devoted to tutorials and tips on makeup. Also lots of reviews of cosmetics, Aliexpress nail art and polish.

Male Fashion Advice – this one is dedicated to men, who want to look good and fashionable. Don’t be scared if you don’t know anything about fashion, it is really beginner-friendly, and you should easily get a few ideas from it.

Comics – Discussions related to comic books and also internet webcomics. Great way to browser hidden gems, outside of well known comics.

Food – Who doesn’t like food? This subreddit will make you drool just from images of various cooked food posted and if you want – will also teach you a lot about cooking, whether it is microwaved simple meal or sophisticated dinner for two. There is also a showcase of artificial food Aliexpress, so definitely worth looking at.

Television – Discussion about various TV series. Thousands of fans from around the world will tell you everything you didn’t know about your favorite TV series.

DIY – or Do-It-Yourself. Handmade crafts, metalworking, woodworking – basically everything that you’ve made yourself. Tons of projects to do and help from experienced makers.

Tumblr – Tumbr is very popular and lively community of bloggers, especially popular with girls. Tumblr related jokes and screenshots, and of course technical tips on how to promote your Tumblr blog.

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