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Craft with These 8 Best Hobby Subreddits

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If you dabble in any kind of hobby – be it scrapbooking, woodworking or beekeping – you gotta check Reddit. There are thousands of hobby subreddits even for most obscure activities and more popular pastimes like oil painting or writing. See our recommended Reddits and connect with millions of hobbyists around the world. It’s really worth it, as you will access Reddit’s hive mind, allowing you to refine your works, see the best tips and present your achievements to other Redditors for critique. Here are some cool craft Reddits:

Crafting subreddits

r/minipainting – subreddit devoted to the art & craft of painting miniatures, mostly for tabletop RPGs and wargaming, but it’s not limited to that fields. Even if you’re not painting minis, just take a look at these wonderful creations and see what you can achieve with Aliexpress brushes and Citadel or Vallejo paints. And if you play D&D and want to get more life on your table by using miniatures, see how they paint them. Painters from all levels are welcomed: from noobs painting their first minis to veterans.

r/quilling – the art of quilling, or decorating and making works of art from strips of paper is interesting hobby that doesn’t take much time to learn, yet if you want to master it, you better pick some Aliexpress quilling supplies to enjoy your paper artwork. Just pick up some tools, paper strips and templates like hearts, circles and rectangles to enjoy this fine hobby.

r/oilpainting – are you painting landscapes, Bob Ross style, or maybe some nude art of your girlfriend? If you do it with oil paints, be sure to check this subreddit to find how other painters fare in their art journey. And remember – there are no mistakes, just happy accidents!

r/woodworking – this immensely popular Reddit group features furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking. Check fantastic ideas and tons of tutorials and users’ pictures to see what you can get from this subreddit. And even if you’re just a beginner, it’s really easy to grab some Aliexpress woodworking tools and start playing. It’s a simple as that!

r/crafting – General crafting subreddit, aimed mostly at women’s hobby like scrapbooking, decoupage, card making or so. Fantastic and welcoming community that can make you help get better in your hobby skills.

r/craftideas – If you’re running out of ideas, just check this Reddit. You can find fresh tutorials and Youtube videos to help you get some crafting inspiration.

r/geekcrafts – For all video gamers and Marvel fans crafters. Wanna make some Minecraft weapon or Captain America shield out of cardboard? Check out this Reddit.

Have fun with all your projects and enjoy DIY!


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