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12 Cool Subreddits To Follow That You Don’t Know Yet

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Let’s now explore a selection of cool subreddits that provide engaging and intriguing content to their subscribers. These subreddits offer a glimpse into the creativity, knowledge, and shared experiences of millions of Reddit users, making it a hub of discovery and connection. Check out these cool Reddit subs that offer pure joy and much more.

Cool Subreddits list

  1. r/InternetIsBeautiful – As the name suggests, r/InternetIsBeautiful is a subreddit dedicated to sharing fascinating, innovative, and visually appealing websites and online projects. From interactive visualizations and artistic creations to useful tools and educational resources, this subreddit showcases the incredible creativity and diversity found on the internet.
  2. r/AskHistorians – If you have a passion for history and love diving into the past, r/AskHistorians is the place to be. This subreddit boasts a highly knowledgeable and rigorous community of historians who provide well-researched and in-depth answers to questions about various historical periods, events, and figures. It’s an excellent resource for learning and discussing history with experts.
  3. r/AbandonedPorn – Despite the name, r/AbandonedPorn is not about explicit content but rather focuses on sharing captivating photographs of abandoned places. From crumbling buildings and forgotten locations to eerie landscapes and urban exploration, this subreddit offers a glimpse into the haunting beauty of abandoned spaces worldwide.
  4. r/EarthPorn – For nature enthusiasts and photography lovers, r/EarthPorn is a paradise. This subreddit showcases breathtaking photographs of stunning landscapes, from majestic mountains and tranquil lakes to lush forests and remote deserts. It’s a visual feast that reminds us of the awe-inspiring beauty of our planet.
  5. r/AskScienceFiction – Have you ever wondered about the intricate details of your favorite fictional universes? r/AskScienceFiction is a subreddit where users can ask questions about the logic, rules, and lore of various fictional worlds, such as Star Wars, Marvel, or Game of Thrones. Knowledgeable fans and enthusiasts provide well-reasoned answers and engage in lively discussions, making it a delightful destination for fans of speculative fiction.
  6. r/Futurology – Interested in the future of technology, science, and society? Look no further than r/Futurology. This subreddit explores the potential advancements and trends that may shape our future, from discussions about emerging technologies and space exploration to debates about AI and climate change. It’s a hub of speculation and informed insights into what lies ahead.
  7. r/UnresolvedMysteries – If you enjoy true crime, unsolved mysteries, and cold cases, r/UnresolvedMysteries is a subreddit that delves into puzzling and intriguing cases from around the world. Users can discuss and analyze mysteries, share theories, and explore the unknown in an engaging and respectful community.
  8. r/PhotoshopBattles – Get ready for some creative and hilarious image manipulation. In r/PhotoshopBattles, users compete to create the most imaginative and entertaining edits based on a given image. It’s a lighthearted and fun subreddit where talented artists and witty contributors showcase their skills and sense of humor.
  9. r/WhatCouldGoWrong – Looking for a mix of amusement, cringe, and anticipation? r/WhatCouldGoWrong features videos and GIFs where things don’t go as planned, leading to unexpected and often comical consequences. It’s a subreddit that captures those “oops” moments in life, reminding us to approach situations with caution and a sense of humor.
  10. r/AskCulinary – Food enthusiasts and aspiring home cooks will find a wealth of knowledge and guidance in r/AskCulinary. This subreddit is a hub for culinary discussions, recipe recommendations, cooking techniques, and troubleshooting kitchen-related queries. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced chef, the community is ready to help you enhance your culinary skills.
  11. r/AnimalsBeingBros – In a world full of negativity, r/AnimalsBeingBros provides a much-needed dose of heartwarming content. This subreddit celebrates animals exhibiting kindness, compassion, and friendship towards humans and each other. From interspecies bonds to adorable acts of animal altruism, it’s a wholesome and uplifting corner of Reddit.
  12. r/AskReddit – While already mentioned earlier, r/AskReddit deserves another mention due to its vast popularity and endless entertainment. This subreddit is a treasure trove of thought-provoking questions, personal stories, and intriguing discussions that cover a wide range of topics. It’s an addictive source of engaging content that allows you to glimpse into the lives and experiences of fellow Redditors.

These are just a few examples of the cool subreddits available on Reddit. Each offers a unique experience and community, catering to various interests, passions, and curiosities. Whether you’re seeking knowledge, entertainment, inspiration, or a sense of belonging, there’s a subreddit out there waiting to welcome you into its vibrant community. So, explore, engage, and enjoy the captivating world of Reddit!


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