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Whether you are seasoned gamer, or just casual who are looking for fun and relaxation in your video games, Reddit is a great place for inspiration, advice and reviews for basically any video games. Check this subreddits if you are interested in video games and want to meet other gamers.

1. Gaming – With 8 million members, this is one of the most popular subreddit in whole Reddit. Discuss newest video games, read about gaming culture and expand your knowledge about gaming.

2. Gamer News – Great source of gaming news for everyone who wants to stay updated on newest games. Really solid source of information, especially useful if you are writing about games for blog or magazines.

3. Girl Gamers – Gaming girls are nowadays normal occurence. Regardless, this subreddit was made for girl who play games and who want to connect and discuss women culture in video games.

4. Game Music – There are many video games music composer who makes masterpieces and games soundtrack were always highly regarded. Listen to new music or check older soundtracks.

5. Game Deals – Because gaming can be easily very cheap hobby, you just need to take advantage of deals and bargains. This subreddit lists active deals and will give you many opportunities to buy great titles for less. Also contains Aliexpress golf games.

6. Should I buy this game? – Have you ever wanted to buy a game but you are not sure whether it’s as good as the hype and marketing campaigns saying? Ask any questions you want! With thousands subscribers, fellow gamers will gladly answer your every question about any title.

7. League of Legends – The most popular, but also very hard to master online game, has drawn attention of literally millions of gamers right now with professional e-sports players. Read and discuss to discover best strategies in popular LoL and LoL gadgets.

8. Android Gaming – Android operating system are the most widespread operating system on mobile devices, so it shouldn’t be unusal that it also has many games, mostly available on Google Play store. Mobile games are quite obscure and don’t want the publicity of big titles, published for PCs and consoles, so it’s worth to check this subreddits to discover hidden gems of android gaming.

9. PC Master Race – originally, this expression was a joke, but now it has become popular. It’s a source of news for PC Gamers, but also community which wages constant war PC vs Console. And if you are overclocking your CPU, than you will surely find something interesting for you too.

10. Ludology – Ludology is a “gaming science” and on this board are discussed social implications of gaming. Very serious subreddit with tons of interesting findings.


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