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Love and Relations Reddit

Love is a very powerful emotion, one that drives us to great things. And knowing how to act with other people eefectively, whether you are in romantic relation, or in work can have a high impact on your life. And if you think, that you are alone with your problems, than that’s not true. Check this subreddit if you want to improve your social abilities, find a solution or just chill out for a moment.

1. Two X Chromosomes – This is one of the most popular subreddit, with interesting content often landing on Reddit main page. It is intended for women’s perspective, but actually, anyone can take advice. Discussions are both serious and silly, but always very clever. Great starting point for everyone, with lots of interesting and enlightening stories which can help you develop yourself.

2. Sex – Advice about physical side of love. Contraception, positions, performance in bed and many other facets of sex. Learn some ars amandi by browsing this subreddit.

3. Rate Me – Guys & Girls posting their pictures or videos to rate them, with discussion and fashion advice and ideas. It’s fun, and you can always find out how people perceive each other being anonymous. And if you are ready, then why not post your own pics in your new Aliexpress skirt?

4. Advice – General advice in various aspects of life. Very inspiring and can give you some counselling even about fundamental questions about what to do with your life.

5. Girl survival guide – Useful life pro-tips for women.

6. Relationship Advice – Advice for girls and gys. If you want to ask how to improve your relationships with Significant Other or maybe you don’t know if you should continue your relations, or maybe you want to know how to invite a girl for a date, try this board for a lot of advice.

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