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Experienced Polish content writers

If you want to order articles in Polish for your website, blog, web service, social media profile, follow these tips. Here you will find information on how to order content for your website and what to take into account. You will also learn how best to choose a company that deals with it. We will also present the opportunities provided by Poland Content specialists available online.

Experience is key

A company that deals with creating content for websites should have experience in it. There are many marketers on the market, but only a handful of them have the right skills, education and portfolio. This is easy to verify. Before choosing a company, ask for examples of written texts. However, do not settle for articles on general topics, but only from selected specialties. For example, if you are building a news portal related to the IPO of the company on the stock exchange, ask for examples of stock exchange texts. If the company’s representative can’t show them, and instead sells you with other articles, it means that the copywriters of this company have never done similar texts.

Experience in creating articles for your industry will translate into an excellent text. Writers without industry knowledge and experience will create poor texts at best, which will contain errors and expose your company to loss of trust. So it is worth checking beforehand by asking for content samples. If you are still unsure whether Polish Copywriting will meet your requirements, order a sample text. One or two sample articles will tell you what to expect in a longer cooperation and will show you the potential of the company’s writing.

Polish texts of many types

Content on the Internet, however, is not just articles you can read in newspapers and magazines. It’s more forms of content that you can present on a blog, or on social media. The company providing the content, should know all the types of articles that are used in online marketing and create them accordingly. A text intended for the reader of a company blog looks completely different, and a post on a Facebook profile aimed at a wide audience looks different.  Such a company should create, among other things, the following types of content for websites in Polish:

  • Financial articles
  • Content for online stores
  • Social media posts
  • Articles about sports betting

Each of the mentioned types of texts is specialized and its creation requires appropriate knowledge. For example, financial articles include the creation of news from the stock market, commodities and currencies. They are also descriptions of financial instruments, as well as market analysis. To create them requires experience, education, and even practical knowledge of the markets, for example, through self-investment. Recently, content related to cryptocurrencies is also popular, as many blogs and portals are created on their topic. As a result, specialists in blockchain technology are needed on an ongoing basis, and there are not many of them, as it is a new field of knowledge. Copywriters who do not have these competencies will simply make a large number of mistakes.

The next popular type of content that is sought after by clients expecting good Polish content is articles about sports betting, or Polish Betting content. This is a niche in which betting companies, both Polish and foreign offshore, operate. When writing on this topic, you need to have very extensive knowledge. It is not enough to just know about domestic soccer. So you need to know much more than who Lewandowski is or where Wojciech Kowalczyk played. You also need to know about very niche sports and leagues. So you should know about the Brazilian league, or about Asian soccer teams from China, South Korea and Japan. This requires the writer to have a lot of knowledge, which cannot be found in the Polish online media, and to reach for foreign sources, sometimes even from these exotic countries.

Besides, sports betting is not only about soccer, but also very niche sports such as MMA or even darts. Many of these sports are not popular at all in Poland, and writing about them is demanding. Betting is also about non-sports events. You can also bet on cultural or political events, for example on who will become the next German chancellor. Needless to say, this requires even more extensive competencies.

Choose a company like Poland Content

If you are looking for a company that meets all these criteria, look no further. Choose Poland Content, which is an interactive agency dedicated to creating content for Polish websites. It is a leading company in its industry that provides texts for the websites of companies that want to enter the Polish market. The local economy is growing very fast and companies such as Amazon, which recently launched an online store in Polish version, are entering this country. For this reason, it is not worth searching and it is best to opt for the experts right away.


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